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We have found our niche in the variable data / print market

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There’s no better way to advertise your product or service than direct mail. Variable Data Printing (VDP) or one to one (1:1) marketing as it is sometimes known can dramatically improve response rates allowing for a greater ROI (return-on-investment) for your direct mail project.

Variable data printing enables the mass customization of documents via digital print technology, Instead of producing 10,000 copies of a single document, delivering a single message to 10,000 customers, variable data printing could print 10,000 unique documents with customized messages for each customer. The returns for variable printing vary from double the normal return at the basic level to 10-15 times the return for fully variable jobs. This naturally depends on content and the relevancy of that content, but the technique presents an effective tool for increasing ROI on marketing campaigns.


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● Duplicate Detection


● CASS Certification


● NCOA Link


● ANK Link


● Delivery Point Validation


● LACSLink


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