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List Scrubbing

Did you know that 14% of all Americans move annually?


Improve your direct mail deliverability, target audience accuracy and maximize automation discounts to save costs by having as clean a mailing list as you can achieve. We’ll update your database BEFORE you mail using the latest in mail list hygiene technologies to reduce unnecessary spending and increase your ROI.


We do this utilizing...


Duplicate Detection
The search for duplicates using the basic method of comparing households, addresses, or people and remove costly duplicate records before you mail.


CASS™ Certification
Improve the responsiveness of your direct mail campaign by updating your mailing list with CASS Certification. We’ll process your file through the Coding Accuracy Support System (sometimes referred to as "Zip+4 appending".) You'll lower postage costs and reduce undeliverable mail! The USPS® requires CASS certification of your list every six months to qualify for barcode discounted mailings.


NCOALink contains approximately 60 million permanent change-of-address records filed with the United States Postal Service® in the last 18 months by customers who want their mail forwarded to their new address.


ANKLink is an enhancement to the existing 18-month NCOALink process. The existing NCOA Link process provides change of address information for moves that have occurred in the past 18 months. ANKLink will enable you to acquire an additional 30 months of change of address information. ANKLink data will not return the new address, but will flag every move that has occurred in months 19-48.


Delivery Point Validation, incorporated during CASS™ Certification, verifies the existence of the CASS™ Certified addresses in your database. DPV will help reduce the amount of Undeliverable as Addressed pieces that you're planning to mail. DPV will virtually guarantee that each direct mail piece will be delivered to the Delivery Point and not “Returned To Sender” due to “No Such Number."


This database contains over five million addresses that can be matched against your file for when a 911 emergency system has been implemented to convert rural-style Addresses to city-style addresses or a street address has been renamed or



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